Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Seven Factors of Awakening - Redux

"The Seven Factors of Awakening - Redux" - 2013
I was contacted by a design firm in Rome, Italy who wished to license my image "Seven Factors of Awakening" for an interior redesign of the spa at the Mandarin Oriental Luxury Hotel in London. The problem was they wanted it printed twice, at approx. 7X10 feet to fill an entire wall and the original image that I shot in 2010 would not hold up to my standards printed at this size.

Luckily the location of the waterfall was close to home and fairly easy for me to reshoot at a higher resolution. I used a D800E and some creative stitching techniques with my 85mm PC-E Nikkor to achieve a final file size for printing that is 18780 X 12402 pixels. That is a whopping 233 megapixel file!

I prefer the new version over my original but the client wanted me to closer match the softness of the water in the original image. The version I ended up delivering to the client was captured with a longer exposure of about 30 seconds, which significantly softened the cascading water.